Thursday, 17 November 2011

What's your favorite website?

My favorite website is Facebook, because I can connect with my friends (especially with my woman friends). In this site I post different topics from my life, such as sentimental status or my interest. If you want, you can upload pictures and videos, or put funny pages's links . In my opinion, Facebook changed the way people communicate. However Facebook has a really big problem: is very addictive. A lot of friends takes a lot of hours of their life, watching the page and chatting with their friends (and with me too). On the other hand, I have a good friend that found a boyfriend on Facebook, and they will marry soon. I visit the page regularly, one or two times at least in a day. Facebook is changing every day, improving its tools and features. But the page have not a video call yet: this would be a great feature. The URL page is:

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