Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Top 3 Santiago attractions

Number 1: Cerro San Cristobal - In Santiago there is an enormous hill in the middle of the city. His name is “Cerro San Cristobal”. People use the hill to hiking and running. Around this hill's road there are places to make barbecues and picnic. There are 2 swimming pools also: Antilen and Tupahue. In the summer those pools are the most popular of the city. In the top of the hill there is a beautiful statue of the Virgin Maria. This is the religions holidays center for the catholic devotees.
Number 2: Museo Parque de las Esculturas - Next to the Mapocho river, there is an interesting place. His name is Museo Parque de las Esculturas (Sculpture Park Museum). It is an outdoor museum where there are a lot of statues from different countries sculptors. In my opinion the most beautiful sculpture in there, is the “Toro”. Its material is forged steel, and his author is Sergio Castillo.
Number 3: Plaza de Armas - Plaza de Armas is the geografic politic center of Chile. Around it there are a lot of historical buildings, such as the Central Post Office Building, the Metropolitan Santiago Cathedral, the Firefighters Building, and the Historical National Museum. In his sidewalks there are a lot of artists that sold his paintings.

My favourite electronic gadget

My favourite pieces of technology always will be my mobiles. Right now my mobile is an Iphone, and I’m falling love for it. My Iphone is the best when I need communicate with my family and friends, because it has all connectivity ways with they: emails, SMS (text messages), Facebook, Twitter, and I can call them also!!!  The Iphone has a lot of functionalities, such as Maps, GPS, weather predictions, camera, music and videos downloads, and you can buy funny games through the Itunes. My Iphone is a friend, but is a kind of chain also, because I'm connected all the time with it...

How I use my laptop at work

My laptop is a great tool for my job. I use it for a lot of technical issues, principally for modelling and designing system applications. I use my machine for meeting when I need take notes and make presentations. In my laptop there are many special folders where I keep important projects information, such as schedules, commercial proposals, contracts, technical documentations, templates, etc. My emails and web contacts are saved in my laptop also. Well, if my computer dies, I will die with it too…