Monday, 24 October 2011

Likes & dislikes

1- My favorite colors are black and White because they are the traditional Colo Colo futbol team’s colors.
2- I detest color blue… no comment.
3- My lucky number is seven!!! Like CR7 & AS7, both are great futbol players.
4- The animal that I love is the whale. Her voice is like a melody, like a song…
5- I hate the rats… they are a plague!!!
6- I like the tulip. Holland is known as "the tulip land".
7- I really adore the “porotos con riendas”. Its a tipical food in my country
8- I detest the soup… I don’t know wy.
9- My preferred junk food it’s a Burger King. I’m mad about an italian’s wooper right now!!!
10- The worst junk food in the World, is Macdonal.
11- I really love "Ky Restobar". His food is wonderfull, but is very expensive.
12- I'm crazy for Belvedere vodka. In my opinion, it’s the better polish vodka.
13- I'm fond of the Sonar Radio 105.7, it’s a excelent radio station because his north is the rock and roll.
14- My favorite band is Radiohead. I really enjoy his songs although I don’t understand the lyrics.
15- The Fight Club is an exceptional movie. I like especially the Eduard Norton performance.
16- In Chile’s open television are commonly see a Reality Show programs... I detest that!!!
17- I love the summer but I loathe when I'm roast by the sun
18- Friday it’s a best day of the week. I'm thrilled expecting the Friday all weeks.
19- I hate the Monday… I think that is not necessary explain why.
20- When I was young, I've practiced martial arts... I enjoyed kick ass so much.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

BBC Website Review

The BBC Learning English website its a great site to learn English in easy way. The page contains a kind of soup-opera episodes called Flatmates. In this section you can listen a short conversation, and then you can go the other section where you does a quiz for the episode and also you can expand your vocabulary. The section called the Video Words in the News, you can see a video about any place of the world, and you can learn how to pronounce the few words that appearing in the video.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

My first post

Hello world!!! It’s my first post to the Kapsch English class. I don’t know that say (lol) but I can speak about my hopeless for this class… I hope learn to speak English flowed because I feel like Tarzan when I speak now… I hope learn to read English texts (but not technical papers)… I want to read a Best Sellers in English, read the newspapers and the magazines… I hope to see movies in English… I hope to write emails correctly and take a call phone from the other countries… is all to can say by now ;) bytes!!!