Thursday, 10 November 2011

Kapsch product description

Kapsch Chile is currently working on an innovative project. This new project will allow access to Parque Arauco parking with the tag technology. The product used for this purpose is the antenna TRX1321. This antenna allows read the tag, until 48 km/hr. To access this integration service between parking and tag, the costumers have to sign an “addendum” in his current contract with the urban highway's concessional. The “addendum” allows to charge the parking items in the Concessional's invoice.

When the user enters to the parking lot, the antenna installed on the line, reads the tag and reports to the parking system if the tag is authorised in the Access List. This Access List is provided for de Concessional Entity. If tag is authorised, the parking system opens the barrier, and allows access for the client’s vehicle. In the exit, the process is the same, but in this, charge is calculated based on the stay time in the parking lot.

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