Thursday, 10 November 2011

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Hi Ernesto,

my name is Ronald Harris (no, I’m not British). I'm 38 years old. I'm from Chile and I live in Santiago. My address is Las Azucenas 3764, Macul. My principal interests are money and women, but my work is very important also. My job in Kapsch is project manager to Parque Arauco Project. I'm working in Kapsch for 7 years. I believe in hardwork and I try to be a good element in the company. I have a little child, his name is Nicolas. He's 5 years old, and he is the light of my soul. Although he lives with his mother, I see him 3 to 4 times in the week. I love going out with my friends (I’m very friendly, yes, and I like parties also), to drink a few beers, and meet drunk girls.


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